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Georgia Bike Summit November 6-8, 2015 In Milledgeville!


Find out why “Bikes Mean Business” in GA

The Georgia Bike Summit, presented by Bike Law and Stantec, is the state’s only conference devoted to creating a bicycle friendly Georgia.

Who should attend?

  • Citizens of Georgia who want safe, family-friendly streets and paved trails
  • Transportation, tourism and economic development professionals
  • Elected officials

What happens at the Summit?

  • Networking and resource sharing for advocates, elected officials, planners and engineers
  • Workshops on a variety of topics about bicycling in Georgia
  • Keynote guest speaker Gil Penalosa
  • Street festivals, social events
  • Click here for complete schedule info and registration


2015 Red Clay Ramble is a Success!


Saturday, August 22nd, was race day at Cedar Creek Wildlife Management Area in Eatonton, Georgia.  BCM partnered with Habitat for Humanity and Chainbuster Racing to host the 56 mile race that consisted of gravel, red clay, and mud roads with minimal paved surfaces. Seventy-five men and women racers finished with some of the favorite local riders to earn the coveted Red Clay awards.  For results go to:

There were also many participants who rode in the recreational ride with 15, 21, 35, and 56 mile options.   Overall, there were 188 registered riders who enjoyed the hard work and efforts of many volunteers who are to be commended for a job well done! To see pictures, posts and comments on the event checkout our facebook page:

Spinnoffs have new faces!


Thanks to the talent of Frank Jinglewski, the BCM Jester will no longer be a lonesome mascot. The Spinoffs (BCM’s Women’s Cycling Advocacy Group) now have representation.  Girls,  girls,  girls! Frank has been behind the scenes creating jesters for all of the BCM media through the years.  The jesters represent fun, joy, camaraderie and are welcoming emblems of our club.  Thanks Frank!



Bike Club Members Become LCIs ~ League Cycling Instructors

In May 2015, seven BCM members earned their credentials as League Cycling Instructors (LCI’s) in the League of American Bicyclist’s intensive weekend seminar held at Georgia College.  The candidates were required to complete a Traffic Skills 101 course as a prerequisite, submit and pass an exam prior to being admitted to the course, then demonstrate teaching abilities and cycling skills in front of their peers.  As a result of their accomplishments they will be able to share the love of bicycling through the League’s Smart Cycling Education Program with children and adults, thereby promoting bicycle safety for all.  The training was funded by Baldwin County Family Connection as part of a grant from the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation.




Certified Instructors from left to right are:  Jim Lidstone, Colin Moore, Frank May, Tom Glover, Susan May, Benny Watson, and Tamara Siragusa (all BCM members).  They were joined by two out of town candidates.  Also pictured are two assistant coaches.  Not pictured is the class instructor, Neil Walker.


The League Thanks BCM

league logo
Benny Watson
Bicycling Club of Milledgeville
Dear Benny,
Thank you and the Bicycling Club of Milledgeville for being a valued League affiliate, and for your past support of the League. I hope you are having a great year of riding and that you enjoyed all the activities around National Bike Month in May.
I am delighted to direct your attention to the League’s 2015-2018 Strategic Framework, A Commitment to Leadership: Creating a bicycle-friendly America for everyone. I encourage you to take a few minutes to look through this document, and to share it with your fellow club officers and board members. We believe clubs and advocacy groups are a critical part of the broader bicycling movement, and we see an important role for the League in ensuring that we all remain valuable and relevant in an ever-changing world.
Karen Jenkins, the League’s new board chair, and I will be presenting a webinar on the development and implications of the document on June 30th at 7pm EST – I hope you’ll be able to join us. This is the first in a new series of monthly webinars we are hosting for League clubs and affiliates that will cover everything from advice on excellent jersey design to legal issues and, of course, insurance! Information on the dates and topics can be found here. Be sure to click through and pre-register.
Finally, I am pleased to announce a more formal recognition program for those clubs that contribute to the work of the League above and beyond their membership dues. Recognition levels coincide with gifts of between $500 and $999; $1,000 and $2,499; $2,500 and $4,999; and those above $5,000. In addition to recognition in our publications, donors will be invited to join a new Club Council and will be offered a range of additional benefits.
Why? Because these contributions make an enormous difference to our ability to create a more bicycle-friendly America. Membership dues and club donations allow us to be the voice of bicyclists in Washington DC, to run the Bicycle Friendly Community program, to create and serve League Cycling Instructors, to offer critical insurance and other services to clubs – all the things that contribute to making your community more bicycle-friendly.
Please support the work of the League with a donation. A number of clubs contribute a dollar per rider in their major event of the year, others make a donation from the proceeds of a particular ride, and others still make a regular gift from club funds. In fact, if every club like yours contributed just one dollar per member, we could power the Leadership Development program imagined in our Strategic Framework. Now that would be powerful and would help ensure a bright future for every bicyclist.
Yours sincerely,

Recent BATTY (Bicycles Are Traffic Too Yall) Ride

June 2015 BATTY Ride

June 2015 BATTY Ride


Benny Watson and his son, Michael Lawrence Watson, Cindi Bohannan Lee, Timothy Yates, along with Frank and Susan May enjoyed a leisurely 6.67 mile ride around town during the first Friday event in downtown Milledgeville.  This club event proclaims that Bikes belong on the streets with all the other vehicles and demonstrates proper traffic etiquette.  It is the epitome of “Share the Road” campaign and helps to promote friendly usage of public roadways and trails.  The ride began and ended in the Library parking lot, cruised the downtown area and rolled along the Greenway.  The weather was fabulous!  Sounds of music and laughing participants filled the air and the scenic Greenway made this a most enjoyable ride.  Be sure to watch for the next BATTY ride and join us!

BCM Awarded for Making a Difference



Congratulations to all the members of BCM!  We were awarded the Making A Difference Award by the Milledeville-Baldwin County Chamber of Commerce for all that we do to make this a better community to live and play in.  Tom Glover, BCM President commented, “It is so great to see other community leaders taking notice of the things we are doing.”   He was present at the Chamber of Commerce’s Blue Sapphire Gala on June 5, 2015 and recieved a check on behalf of the club in the amount of $100 in recognition of the many services that the club continues to provide.  Keep up the great work!

5 Things I learned as ‘BFC Steve’- News from the League of American Bicyclists

league news bannerSteve shares his thoughts after visiting communities across the country, helping them create more bicycle friendly areas for their residents.  Read more here.

Story by Steve Clark, courtesy of League of American Bicyclists, Dec 3,2014

BCM receives BOOST grant from DDA/ Milledgeville Mainstreet BOOSTER program

Bicycle club, local business get a BOOST
October 8, 2014, courtesy of The Union-Recorder, Milledgeville, GA

BCM members accept BOOST Grant check from DDA/ Milledgeville Mainstreet

BCM members accept BOOST Grant check from DDA/ Milledgeville Mainstreet

Two downtown Milledgeville businesses received checks Tuesday from the Downtown Development Authority’s (DDA) BOOST grant program.

Round five of BOOST brought in six applications from various downtown businesses. Recipients were new North Wayne Street gift shop, Eclectic, and the Bicycling Club of Milledgeville. Eclectic received a $1,000 check and the Bicycling Club of Milledgeville received a check for $950.

BOOST provides grant money to small business owners and entrepreneurs to use for specific store items or projects. The BOOST grant will help Eclectic owner Karen Barrett purchase a rustic awning above the door with the store’s name. The grant will also go toward new paint on the wood trim around the door.

The $950 award for the Bicycling Club of Milledgeville will allow the club to purchase a bicycle repair stand for public use downtown. BOOSTERs contribute $100 twice per year. A group vote determines where the money goes. Business owners or entrepreneurs are only eligible for the grant once per year. The money must go toward specific items such as a new sign, piece of equipment or marketing need. Applicants don’t have to be within the immediate downtown blocks. For more information, call the DDA/Milledgeville Main Street at 478-414-4014.

BCM announces 3rd annual Deep Roots Charity Ride

Saturday, October 3rd 2014

For the full story, read more here. Story courtesy of The Union-Recorder.